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Are you worried about climate change and want to know how to help? This election we have a huge opportunity to make a difference.
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We want to show how to effectively vote for climate action, and how you can join us to make climate change a key issue in this year's election.
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It's so important that we vote for climate action and encourage everyone we know to do the same.
Join us to make this year’s NZ election a Climate Election.

Ways to vote

Sometimes it's hard to figure out which parties would take serious action on the climate crisis, which ones are greenwashing, and which ones are delaying action. We want to help you make an informed choice.
Here are some ways to vote for climate action, and why.

Best for climate action ✅

Te Pāti Māori

Te Pāti Māori has strong, action-oriented policies on climate change which ensure better outcomes for everyone. For instance, they will rapidly phase out onshore oil & gas permits and withdraw existing onshore and offshore oil and gas permits within five years.

Green Party

The Greens have strong policies on reducing emissions and creating climate-safe towns and cities, while making sure that the changes are affordable for all. Their track record also includes the Zero Carbon Act and establishing the independent Climate Change Commission.

Labour Party

A Labour-led coalition is the best government for climate action. Labour banned new permits for offshore oil and gas exploration in 2018, and since then has introduced a raft of climate policies – however not as strong or as fast as needed, and deferred as the election approached.

Worst for climate action ❌

NZ First

NZ First has weak climate policies. In terms of their track record, they opposed the climate initiatives of coalition partners repeatedly throughout 2017-2020, when they were part of the Labour-led coalition government.

National Party

A National-led government would be strongly influenced by the ACT Party, which first denied and is now delaying climate action. National has announced that they would take $2.3b out of the Climate Emergency Response Fund, increase the price of public transport, build more roads over low-emissions transport options, and overturn Labour’s ban on new offshore oil & gas exploration.

ACT Party

For its three decades of existence, ACT first denied climate change and then has opposed every serious policy designed to reduce and prepare for climate crisis. None of their current policies aim for any significant emissions reductions; in fact, many of the policies will greatly increase our emissions. They have also committed to scrapping the Zero Carbon Act.
This is not an exhaustive list of parties, and there might be other, smaller parties, for example TOP, that have good climate policies too.
For more comprehensive information, see Climate Club's 2023 General Election Guide. It includes tools and other scorecards for deciding who to vote for, understanding how voting works, and ways to amplify your impact.

🗳️ Making your vote count

To vote for climate action, it’s your party vote that matters. By voting for a party with better climate policies, your vote will count towards making a coalition government that takes evidence-based action on climate change.

How can I help?

Climate change public posters
People from all around Aotearoa are working together to make this a Climate Election. Join us and make a difference.
There’s something for everyone - stalls, rallies, posters, signs, social media, and more.
If you’d like to get involved, please fill in the form below.
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“Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.
So instead of looking for hope, look for action.
Then and only then, hope will come."
- Greta Thunberg

Other ways to support

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Get 3 friends to vote

Triple your impact by getting 3 friends to vote for climate action. Think of 3 people you know who care about climate change, but might be on the fence about who to vote for, or unaware of elections. Sign up below for reminders and guidance on how we can triple our collective power this election!
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Put up posters

We need our message to reach as many people as possible around the country. Print our posters (available in B&W and colour) and stick them up around your neighbourhood, workplace, university, or street!
piggy bank for supporting climate change action in aotearoa

Chip in

Help us print more signs to get everyone thinking about the climate before the election.
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Ask hard questions

Until the election, MPs and candidates will be holding lots of in-person candidate meeting. This is a great opportunity to ask them about their climate policies, to show them that we care about climate action, and to get the audience also thinking about climate change.
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Share us with your friends, whānau, flatmates, colleagues, and online communities. Remind them that their vote counts, and urge them to vote for climate action. This movement needs all of us!

About us

VoteForClimate is a non-partisan collaboration between climate groups, campaigners, and volunteers, to publicise climate issues leading up to the 14 October 2023 national election. It builds on the Climate Shift 10-point climate plan launched in June 2023.

We're bringing together people from around Aotearoa who want to make a positive difference to climate change. We’d love you to be part of this.

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